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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week #001: The Beginning

Welcome! Make yourself at home. Beer's in the fridge.

As some of you may have read, last week I made comment about looking for a way to separate any art-related feedback so that it would be easier and faster for me to access. I quickly shot down the idea of creating a dedicated e-mail address, since quite frankly I already have enough of them to check. After discussing options over the weekend with Sam and Dan, we settled on the sub-blog concept.

As such, the primary function of this blog is to host any and all art-related feedback. Any comment regarding the gameplay of HTD itself does not belong! Such comments should be directed back to the main blog of Sam & Dan Games. I repeat, any comments regarding gameplay features made here will either not be approved or not be answered.

That aside, I do find it necessary to do more with my blog space than simply repost what's being posted on the main blog, and eventually plan to post behind-the-scenes looks at HTD and other fun stuff. But, following the example set by Sam and Dan, just what I post will be decided by the viewers! I encourage everyone to hit the poll I've setup above and help shape just what this blog will be about over the coming months and beyond. The poll will be open for the next two weeks.

Since the exact content of KXN@HTD is still being decided on, this means I don't really have a whole lot to post this week. I am, however, going to share an update on the whelp shown last week, as well as another view that I put together this weekend.

See you all next week!


  1. Fantastic :) Cant wait until next instalment of content, this game is a tribute to everything SnD :)

    Forever SnD games No.1 Fan :)

  2. If we ever get this as a pet, i will call it Kevin :D

  3. lol sam is 1st in every blog

  4. Is the whelp going to walk oblique?

  5. lol there's a little bug in your adds up to 197%.
    But good work on the artwork. It looks great and I cant wait to see more

  6. cool dragon

    hope u can keep it as a pet and costumize it's colour

  7. @ Jespoke - But his name is Marcus!

    @ Anonymous (5:12 AM) - Is that a challenge? Sam is going DOWN.

    @ Daniehej - You mean opposed to flying all the time? Probably not, but future whelps may walk. Who says all dragons need to have wings, anyway?

    @ Anonymous (2:10 PM) - Yeah I noticed that, but ultimately that's blogger's coding, not mine. :D

  8. You should join the HTD section on the official forums and keep our members anticipated :D

  9. hi Sam & Kevin Sam i love Pokemon Tower Defense it so fun No.1 fan : )

  10. so u also use deviantart
    my deviant is

  11. Hey kavin,love the work you put into this, rlly cool dragon by the way.
    So i was wondering, is HDT gona have a storyline like PDT?
    hope its gona be something different than other games like "you must save the world" and that stuff.
    so is there gona be one and how much you got figured out?

  12. Just wanted to say that I think your art style is awesome. Have you done the art for any other games, Kingdom Rush maybe?

  13. @ Anonymous (2:10 PM) - After looking again I noticed that the poll isn't incorrect; since you can vote on multiple choices, the percentages are how many people voted on that one option out of total votes.

    @ G-Force - I don't know if I have time for any of that! I'll think about it.

    @ G-man - I know very little about the plot at the moment. Even if I did, I probably shouldn't be revealing it. :) If I have my say, I'll want to pack it with as much originality as the rest of the game, though.

    @ Anonymous (1:42 PM) - I have not, this is my first game!

  14. have u helped for crystal story?

  15. Well hello there! /Gon pops the beer cap

    How's it goin?

    Saw what you did there on the little dude, looks even cooler ;) And the front preview came even more awesome (still if you want some of those biological touches (3) I'll mail it =P)

    Damn, there isn't a "show the pets that are comming artwork" lol guess the artwork topic will do hehe

    Cheers mate ;)

    ps: what beer is there in your fridge? (I know its not artwork related but its related to the post =P)

  16. @ Spectra - No, I simply played it briefly and did some quick and shameless fanart after getting hooked on the character's design.

    @ Gon - You can feel free to critique right here now. I don't have that email right in front of me at the moment, but I know the one bit about the wing shoulder I just wasn't sure what you meant. The other bits I either agreed with and fixed, or discarded for various reasons.

    If there's a place for future pet previews, this'll probably be it, but it's too early to offer an ETA on that. :)

    Honestly I think all I have right now is some Corona that no one ever finished.

  17. kevin have u ever thought of making a flipnote on flipnote studio?

  18. about the wing shoulder since I don't know the right term for ir in english what i mean is when it flaps there is a part of the bodie that remains there and a gap after. Dunno if i explained better now

    Oh and you want critiques? MUAHAHA =P
    - the horns are dodgy in the front view (don't match the side ones)
    - the "curves" on the belly should come lower so they mach the side view (and become more realistic)
    - not sure about the wing claw/nail turning oposite direction but... its up to you ;)
    - the head steaching isn't giving the intended oscilation move you probably intended but to be true just moving with the bodie seems nice enough (in the front view) ;)

    Again for those that don't understand this is a constructive critique and Kevin sees it also like that so please don't "you're an ******* Kevin you're the best!" lol =P

    translation for ETA plz lol

    Corona is cool but now I got scared for how long that one is staing there ahahah
    I've had some nice stuff today, "tried"* Kirin (a japanese awesome beer), had some Desperados (French Corona like) and obviously Super Bock (on of our Portuguese *cogh*THE BEST*cogh* beers) (yes explains the 5am LOL)

    * "tried" meaning a fiew cans =P

  19. @ Spectre - No, I never got a DSi, and for some reason they didn't make it available for the 3DS.

    @ Gon - Long one!

    I see what you mean on the dragon "shoulder" now. I'll make a note of that for any future dragons. At this point, though, this little guy is pretty much done and my attention is required elsewhere.

    I can't promise to tend to every piece of critique, but yes, if there's a place for it, this is it. :)

    ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

    I'm not much of a drinker myself, which is why those Corona have been sitting there for a few weeks. I keep meaning to "dispose" of them on a night off...

  20. ok
    too bad ;-(

    so you have a 3DS?

    anyway i'm sure that corona is gonna exoire if u dont drink it quick:-)
    hand it over to gon alrady :)

  21. LOL sry about the post size, but as mentioned I was a bit inspired XP

    called it wing shoulder cause its the articulations between the a limb (wing) and the body still dunno the actual name.

    as always its for you improve IMO if you agree and have time ;) so feel free to either aply or discard ;)

    Not a drinker myself (usualy lol) but yesterday was a special ocasion (the opening of the garden of Japan + a birthday party after =P)

    Save 1 drink for Spectra too =P

  22. It's me! Back from Italia (or the closest I could get without taking a plane! aka Carlisle)!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway... just here to let you know that I enjoy your art and I'm looking forward to seeing what is in the future (especially if it's Dragonborn)!

    But at the risk of sounding like Gon, I will depart into the mystical realm of all that is pizza!