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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week #020: Now For Something Completely Different

It may look like I haven't really done a whole lot since we finished up Maximus and got him into the game. While I did take some time off for recharging after that, you can rest assured that we're still hard at work polishing the game up. You just can't always immediately notice it.

If you've been following the progression notes, you may have noticed my entry for "character fixes/polish". This is what I've been focusing my attention on for the last week. While everything may look fine and dandy with the characters at the moment, this is because they're equipped in their full armor sets. Beneath that there are numerous graphical errors that, while hidden by the equipping of a full armor set, would have become eye sores once the characters were only wearing a few select pieces of armor instead of the whole set. Instead of putting this off until such equipment management became possible, I decided to get it done ahead of time.

Again, this is unfortunate since it's mostly behind-the-scenes work that not a lot of people will see. Even Sam and Dan were sometimes at a loss in regards to what I was talking about working on! I tried to take some before and after screenshots to show as examples this week, but I felt they weren't doing a good job of expressing just what was going on.

Instead, I have this for you.

For those of you interested in what kind of stuff I draw in the little free time I allow myself for that kind of thing, I also posted my rendition of Cave Story's Curly Brace over on my deviantArt account about a week ago.


  1. FIrst!!!!!!!! I will get you, Gon.

  2. Replies
    1. Really Sam, really?
      -The Black Mask

  3. Just keep up the forward thinking, it will really help when the inpatient horde starts expecting regular big updates (You know, the guys who go "Where is the update?" if its postponed a day or two for polishing)

  4. @Kevin - Cheryl is looking better then ever =P You'll need to make some cool wallpapers (full color etc) with that and other pics once the game is out ;) I want a secy Cheryl in my desktop =P

    @The God King - is that a challenge or a desire of your? lol cause if its the 2nd its ok ;) I'm still set for monday nights, only remember it moved to sunday sometime around monday lol... oh well... lol

    @Kevin - just wondering something if you make 2h wpp animation for a 2h like this I'm not sure there will be place or that you'll remember leaving room for bigger weapons (well now its already noticed =P) where the "grip"/"handle"(?) is just on the "tip" and the blade goes on like this
    or (drooling right now lol)

    ps: now its the part when Kevin thinks "Damn you Gon, this is a flash game!" muahaha =P

    1. Ideally I'll be able to use what I learned with 1H weapons to adjust the 2H animation to allow for much bigger weapons. Double-ended weapons may be a concern, but I think we can make it happen.

  5. i don't mind you doing more behind the scenes work if we get another picture like this.

  6. I really like where this is going. She looks good yet also looks like she could drop you to death if needed. Keep up the pics. :)

  7. Don't let your guard down, she can strike at any moment...
    (sexy Chester cheetah growl)


    1. The conversation was deleted as it was becoming an eye sore to look at. Your comments stopped being approved because they were getting spammy and off-topic. This isn't your own personal forum. :P