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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week #005: Winners and Whelps

Tonight's post comes to you a little later than usual, as I wanted to wait for the first Community Impact Poll to officially come to it's end so that I could talk about it (as if the results could have changed that dramatically in just an hour or two, but whatever, play along!).

As stated, these three hairstyles will be made available for any human female player character in the initial release of Hero Tower Defense. I am rather pleased with the results myself, as I believe these three styles offer a nice balance of diversity. Remember that the runner-ups are being placed aside and may still make it into HTD some day, so no complaining!

Be sure to stay tuned, I'm sure the male's hairstyle choices will be decided through a similar fate...

This week I thought it would be nice to take a break from "Cheryl" and take a look back at the little treasure whelp, who we haven't looked at in quite some time. I would actually like to get to introducing his daddy here soon, but I feel like there's still plenty of things to go through before we need to look at new content... and some things might be better left unseen until you have the game in your hands, yeah?

One other thing I really wanted to clarify was a few things about the notes on progression. As you can see (and I'm sure some of you already did), I stuck them up on the right side bar so that they can be more conveniently and regularly seen. However it should be noted that these are a pretty limited view into my world. For example, at the moment they're really only tracking the progress on the human female player character, and just because they aren't being regularly advanced doesn't mean that I'm not getting work done elsewhere (for example, the HTD logo). As such, they should not be considered a countdown to when the game will be released.

Speaking of the HTD logo (which has primarily been shown over on the Sam & Dan Games blog), while keeping in mind that it is still very much subject to change, please feel free to drop your thoughts about it to me here, I am still actively taking notes to refine and improve it!


  1. do you think there will be a beta or limited version before the whole game comes out???

    -DTA killR

  2. Y does whelp have only 1 toe per foot???

  3. 2nd :(
    one thing i've been wondering about these games is; how do you change the attacks of the enemy pokemon? not from a player perspective, but when making the game?
    Also, love that librarian got in, and you've made amazing progress!

  4. Pretty happy with the hair winners =D

    Have to say I really love the new whelp animation, specially how the thin with tail with angles becomes the perfectly balanced tail (the new frames). I knew those anoying comments would lead good to greatness! =D Big thumbs up for the designer =D

    About the logo, since you asked =P, just check if the prespective is right on the sword (hilt + blade) are aligned and about the text style you know ;)

    ps: Gz once more on the proportions of the little guy =D

  5. so will u make like a robot dragon or some thing?

    are you going to make different dragons like lighting,robot,space,water and flame dragon

  6. @ DTA killR - We had discussed releasing an alpha but I'm not sure how widely distributed it would be if we do it. Like PTD, though, HTD will probably be available for play as soon as the core gameplay and first level (or two) are complete.

    @ NinjutsuMaster - Is that a coding question? I don't know a thing about that, I would take that to Sam on the main blog. :)

    @ Rashid - I'm not entirely sure how Sam and Dan feel about steam technology or if there are plans to include it in HTD. I love me some steampunk though, so maybe!

  7. so do u know if u will add goblins,trolls and dinosaurs for enemies?

  8. @Rashid- This is more of the artwork blog. While Kevin is a crucial part of the making of this game, the final say is ultimately down to Sam and Dan I'm sure. Although I'd really love to see Kevin design all of these creatures, that is a question you should take to the main blog.

    @Kevin- So glad those got picked. I changed my vote from Heaven's Tail once I saw how incredibly good it was doing to Librarian because it had sufficient votes, but I wanted to make sure it made it. :)

    And the whelp looks really good. My girlfriend saw it and went "awwww". I saw it and thought "looks really good, can't wait to see how it stands up in battle" :P

    Regarding the logo again, you know my opinion, which seems to be a general opinion on the font. Relooking at it, it really does look like a simple font you can achieve in Photoshop just by scrolling through the basic ones- and with a gradient applied. As I said before, the font in the sketch looks WAAAYYYY better. :) Can't wait to see how you advance with the logo, with the whelp, and with the characters. :) Mondays sure are great. :)

  9. hey kevin love your work on the HTD logo I've thought of a great animation:
    1st the hero TD and the text "tower defence" below the hero appears in a bright light then the bright light disappears showing the text
    2nd then the shield fly in from behind TD then the sword comes flying in to join the shield
    3rd the balls appear in a bright light and circulate the finished product of HTD logo

  10. I think you should keep the HTD logo as simple as it can be. I suggest removing the elements and just keep to the original sketch

  11. Since you seem to ignore posts with complements (lol) take a look at the face in the side view of our lady (and if I'm not mistaken, face is the same for M/F right? if so, the guy has the same problem). If you don't want to make differences between gender faces, at least put some better looking eye in the side view please.

    ps: the annoying comments i referred were mine if you didn't understand lol

  12. 12 or i care NO
    like the whelp thing and hairs i also voted twice when i saw heaven was winning,not much to say but...I HATE THE NEW LOGO >X( grrrrr i WAYWAYWAYWAYWAY etc, prefer the sketch(1 of my favorite word ;),) ****** SHOW THE LIGHT! (and nature)
    P.S. hope this gets agreed
    *cross fingers*

  13. @ Rashid - Pretty much anything's possible, and I'm a big fan of diversity. I don't want there to be those moments of "oh not another dungeon" like World of Warcraft is littered with.

    @ Gon - What did I ignore? :O

    The only shared assets between the males and females will be weapons. The female is also much more advanced and improved than the male at the moment, which is why you haven't seen anything on the males in so long.

    I'll take a look at her eyes and see what I can do.

  14. Do you guys have any idea if there will be pets added to the game.(It would be awesome if you said yes XD)

  15. @ Kevin - "only" a full post with complements =P

    Oh so there MAY be female faces and male ones. Nice! Since SnD are all anime style, will you give us some more girly stuff? (just type "female anime eyes" on google and you'll see what I mean better then words =P)

  16. Btw, love the cape shown on Cheryl over on the main blog :)

  17. @ Anonymous (5:53 PM) - Non-combat pets are a definite, the bigger question is when. I'm personally not sure if combat pets are planned, but I'd guess yes since that sort of thing seems to be in demand.

    @ Gon - I'm making a point to make faces separate from the heads so that we can add choices later if we want to... but I don't think that's in the cards for "version one".

    @ Sly Kamaui - Actually took a while to get that looking right, glad it's getting the job done!

  18. @ Kev - ok... oh and good to see more ppl that want pets =P strange to be a suggestion at this point tho lol

  19. pets?cool o..... i remember yeah pets!
    so the man/boy/guy(or something)will have a cape too right?


    nothing to ps for once... oops :/

  20. I know its update day, so not sure if you'll still see this but...

    I was looking for a dracolich to put as my FB avatar and found this awesome thing... hope will get things like this and this one inspires you for later stuff =D

  21. @ Gon - I don't think we've discussed scythes at all, but I do like the design, I'll make a note and maybe do something like that with another kind of bladed weapon...

  22. @ Kevin - Well they can enter later =P Or sometimes they come as staffs =S But yeah the main thing was to give some inspiration for creations of yours =)


  23. Looks like a Marowak/Dragonite

  24. Hey Kevin,

    Great work so far.

    I have one comment on the HTD Logo

    If you switch the positions of the nature and water orb, the elements will follow eachother in logical order. lets say fire, the two behind it have an advantage on it, and the two before it have a weakness to it. It'll be like that for every element. :D
    also, (guess 2 things then) i would suggest making the light orb stand out more, instead of being hidden.

    Great job