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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week #006: Trick or Treat!

Notice: I've updated the progress lists, but notice that I've narrowed my sights, so that they are no longer symbolizing such an immense scale of content all at once. It could also be identified as an optical illusion to make progress look a bit more explosive... I'll let you see it as you choose!

When I first started this blog, I had already been working with SND for several weeks and had a nice amount of content to show for it. While the speed of content creation hasn't exactly changed (though everyone has their off weeks), the rate at which we're presenting it has, which has caused the unfortunate lull in content lately.

What I would like to do is cut back to showing less content per week, but making the content more meaningful. Instead of seeing minor updates or very early works in progress, you'll see more concept art and completed game assets. With the main blog showing more development screenshots as development progresses, I believe this will round out into a pleasant package.

Something that our spectators should keep in mind is the extraordinary circumstances we're working under. Not only are we making our developmental progress rather public from the word go, which most game developers don't do (most games aren't made public until a year or two after they've entered production!), but there are only three of us! Some of what you've been seeing has even been completed only a day or two prior to being shown. This is something I'd like to resolve with the new pacing of showing content.

This week, I thought I would show the concept design of the introductory epic cloth armor set, modeled by our human female player character along with another of our three winning hairstyles, "Yesterday's Breeze".


  1. As long as there is something each week, im happy :D
    and second :P

  2. Please tell me you don't think we'll have to wait 1 year to play the first bits of the game... NOOOOO *Gon gets swalloed by a huge black and purple typhoon of pain* XD

    But the fact that people want to play (atm) is good cause ppl are excited about it ;)

    Big like on Cheryl's new gear ;) (Crystaline question mark staff? Crystal Inquisitor? =P)

  3. Hi kevin
    Love the mage, glad you published her next.
    I see you didnt make you r mind what to put on top of the staff, so i would like to make a couple of suggestions, i draw some tops and uploaded them and would rlly aprishiate you chacking it out
    i hope you like some of them and take some modify them a little and make it into the game couse more kind of staffs for differend lvls would be much better than just one

  4. WOW! your awesome Kevin. your no.2 Fan

  5. Pictures, pictures, pictures. :P Don't care what of or in what phase it's in. Just like seeing the pictures each week.

    I am mostly digging this week's picture. Except I don't know if it is just that they are sketches, but their legs always end up in these funky positions. :P I do like this epic set though for a more magic oriented female. Favorite part is the boots. :) Idk, I just like boots. :P

  6. @ Gon - Oh, no, that's not what I meant. Most games are also released all at once, as opposed to the regular patch update framework we're going with.

    Crystalline Inquisitor? I like where you're going with this...

    @ Boo Mariobroz - I still don't know who #1 is... :(

    @ Sly Kamaui - I do tend to phone it in when it comes to poses (especially legs) in concept work, but I'm more focused on showing the design itself of course.

  7. @ Kevin - Thought so, but was a bit afraid (and to see if I could get a different ETA =P)

    /Gon uses detect sarcasm on " I like where you're going with this..." but check failed, not sure without the smiley on the end =P

    ps: any update on the post hits?

  8. kevin, love the art. and keep up the good work :D

    -a new fan

  9. @ Gon - No sarcasm here!

    I've been holding off on filling in the progress bars so that I can update nice big chunks at once instead of a rainbow of smaller slashes. I usually only cross off an asset when it's entirely complete and I've been spreading the love around this last week or so.

  10. @Kevin- Yeah I figured you were just getting the point across. :P The first Cheryl sketch is hilarious to look at in terms of posture, but I guess that's what happens when you wear heavy plating all day and stand in pretty much the same spot for an invasion as she might be found doing seeing how it's a TD game. :P

    Btw, I really like the sketchwork posted to the main blog this week. I am having difficulties figuring out its head area, but overall I hope this is one of the creatures making it into the game. :)

  11. @ Sly - It will be! I won't give away too much about it, but I will say that that sketch was done even before the whelps were designed, and the design has been refined a lot since then... Need to get that out there before Gon jumps me about how terrible the anatomy is. :D

  12. @ Kevin - f*** yeah! =D Lets see if this weapon + name gets into the game =D

    Whoa! Nice jump in progress. And I thought it would be all the same color, not as rainbow =P keep it up, we want to see more post-its till we get to play =P

    Worry not my friend, human anatomy is not that relevant to me =P (except some special proportions LOL Go Cheryl!) Unless you want me to comment the image on SnD blog ahaha

  13. LOL I read your (Sly and Kevin) last posts half asleep. We were talking about the the creature LOL well I'll save it for later =P But the head isn't a problem for me, maybe the short neck would be =P

    Ready to "fix" that sketch when/if you want =P

  14. yo,kevin back to WAYYYY back a few weeks ago you made the drawings of cheryl moving and breathing but it seemed to me to be WAY to big for your usual TD game so do you think you could make a smaller version?

  15. @Kevin- So Gon gets on you about anatomy and I get on you about posture. :P Together we will have anatomically correct characters who know how to carry themselves about the battlefield. :)


    i made a topic on the official SnD forums to update members of your work ^^ keep up the good work ;D

  17. @ Gon - I know it's bad, already been greatly refined, I promise. :D

    @ Ume - I have my own forum post? :3 Next stop, "SNDwiki"!

  18. @ Sly - if this was FB you'd have a like on your last comment =P

    @ Kevin - its not bad, it looks cool actually. Its just missing some stuff like a pelvic girdle and such =P (want to see more! lol)

    Btw have you seen the part on the main blog where I got some concern on your part too? =P (Crtl+F "family" cause my post is massive lol)

  19. gon-u gonna hang here?i was wondering if u could help me with something

    kevinxnelms- know ingo-lingo at deviantart?,are u friends with him?

  20. @ Rashid - Definitely not. I really only have one friend on DA that I met there though. I don't really frequent it much anymore.

  21. kevinxxnelms-well could u at least look at my art commissions

  22. Hey Kevin,

    Great work so far.

    I have one comment on the HTD Logo

    If you switch the positions of the nature and water orb, the elements will follow eachother in logical order. lets say fire, the two behind it have an advantage on it, and the two before it have a weakness to it. It'll be like that for every element. :D
    also, (guess 2 things then) i would suggest making the light orb stand out more, instead of being hidden.

    Great job


  23. why are your A's all Z's?

    On another note, loving the motivation!!!!

  24. @ Scorp - I already fixed this little oversight, we just haven't pushed out another preview since yet.

  25. @Kevin - Alright, awesome

  26. i know it's Richard yes him he's all way's on Sam & Dan Game's and that's why i'm your No.2 Fan Kevin. Boo MarioBroz.