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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week #014: Welcome to 2012


  1. -___- Happy New Year too Kevin all we have to do is live through my mom's b-day (Dec. 21st).
    P.S. Second! -Pat

  2. wow i got first :P :) i beat gon :P


  3. 4th and why is the whole post blank?

  4. Ye! Sexy Cheril + Max with white boxers with red hearts =D Thank you for listen to the insane (me lol) ^^,

    Now its one week until actual info right? =P Will we start a weekly based update system or?

    @bugfinder/Buginder - Gz! =P

  5. Hey Kevin, keep up the good work!

  6. Haha yay! It's definitely the little stuff listed in this post that will add to the game, making it feel as legit as it deserves to feel. Can't wait to see the finalized logo :P

    And Happy New Year Kevin. :)

  7. I count as second because you did three comments. Gimmie a chance :(

  8. @Sly Kamaui
    What don you mean little things?

  9. @ Gon - We'll still be doing weekly blog posts, I just really did not have much to show this week due to said Christmas break. I really didn't do anything but chip away at my gaming backlog. In hindsight I would have taken this week off from posting too had I thought of it.

    I won't say anything on frequency of updates to the game itself, as I'm not 100% sure what we've decided on yet.

    @ KingAlan - If for some reason you don't have Flash installed, then the whole post will indeed be blank. But how could you play HTD without Flash installed? :(

    Don't ask why I had to make it a Flash file. Blogspot was absolutely not cooperating with the PNG.

  10. @Kevin - Yeah I was just messing around =P

    Should I ask about the update times on the main blog or... when the info is set we'll all know? lol

    Keep it up!

  11. Oops sorry kevin my school doesn't have flash soi thought it was just a joke.-Pat

  12. Happy new year everyone!

    And y no Clyde :P

  13. look i like dragons but are there going to be different kinds???

  14. Clyde should be put in the game looking exactly like that (without the giant red x of course) as a secret boss.

  15. @ jespoke - Clyde is just not a good tenant.

    @ epic beast - Definitely. I get a bit tired of dragons all the time myself.

    @ Anonymous (1:06 AM) - There is no Clyde level. I mean cow level. I mean...

  16. Guys the "Secret Boss" is probbably:
    The Treasure Lord

  17. mewtwo master (search me on trade centre)January 8, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    happy new year guys!@kevin there is a specal dragon which is rare - a hydra/hydragon (they go by two names)! only two games have used them- pokemon b/w and skylanders - for those who don't know what one is it is a multi headed dragon that has no hands and legs... but several powerful heads, often each head a different element.

    ps love the male hair styles

  18. YAY CLYDE! (Two seconds later) Aww... -Pat

  19. @mewtwo master
    There's also one in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and probably a few other flash games other than that. It was also in Greek mythology, and whenever you cut off one of its heads a new one grew in its place. Either way, that seems like a good idea, we'll just have to wait and see if it happens.

  20. Can clyde be in the background at some point, cause he's too cute

    like maybe somewhere as a carving in the wall?

    1. We're keeping our minds open in regards with what to do with- hey, wait a second. I see what you're up to, Clyde. When we told you we'd call if we had any openings, we meant it!