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Friday, December 23, 2011

Week #013 and a Half: Obligatory Plug

Happy Hero Tower Defense Pre-Alpha Release Thursday!

I'm really only dropping an extra post here this week in case I have any followers who aren't also following the main Sam & Dan Games blog. If you aren't, news flash! The Hero Tower Defense Pre-Alpha has been officially released, just in time for the holiday break. Coincidentally, this post will also serve as a stage for any comments or critique involving the art direction of the game so far, instead of cluttering last monday night's post.

Please keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha, and a very early example of what we have in store for HTD. As I previously mentioned, we had to cut a few corners for this early release, but the promised content (human male player characters, additional hairstyles and equipment, to name a few) will be delivered in the coming months as we continue rapidly adding to this game of our's.

Speaking of the holiday break, along with Sam and Dan, I will likely just be taking it easy next week, and am not currently planning on making a blog post that week. If I have anything interesting come up that's worth sharing, I may still post, but there's no reason to blow off your families to sit here pressing refresh at hopes of getting another tally on the First! Comment Scoreboard (this post itself will not be counting towards said scoreboard, either, for those taking their commenting seriously).

I, along with all of us at Sam and Dan Games (that's right, all three of us!) hope everyone has a great holiday, and we'll see you in 2012!


  1. Take a break. You deserved it after all the work on the game. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I said that first :P

  2. Did the comments on the main blog already, including a part for you (Kevin) ;)

    Like this version already, its comming really nice ;)

    I think chars need underwear =P Maximus needs white boxers with red hearts =P and Sheryl needs sexy underwear also lol

    Glad to see Shagged Swag made it #1 =D

    Have to say I love the way the mini fire ball shooting look. And specially the death animation, poor whelplings ^^, Gz on that Kev!

    And again, last but not least, wish a Merry Xmas to everyone that comes here to contribute to the game and that like me love SND team work. And an awesome 2012 with loads of pets =D

    Kisses and Hugs!

    Gon & Gon's Pets ;)

  3. Merry Xmas and happy week off :D

  4. Several things:
    1. I got a very good treat when I open the game to see your original sketch title. I absolutely love that one. :)

    2. Then I continue on to the game and love the animation. The map is beautifully made and the actions are very fluid. It gets funny when all the characters are in adjacent squares and they get a little mashed together, but that's the placement that makes it funny looking. And the whelps. As if I did not already love those little guys from the animations you released; now I get to see them curl up upon death. Very lovely. :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the break that won't be forced by health. :)

  5. LOL when I put a cloaked character in front of another dude the caped blows in her face XD

  6. U shode put a minigun i htd for a hard mishin reword or something

  7. Just dropped by to wish you all a great 2012 with cool pets ;)

    Kisses and Hugs

  8. @Mac
    You just called a girl a dude............
    even though it does'nt count....

  9. Maybe there should be some sort of death animation for the chars as well, rather than just disappearing... Happy New Year

  10. Kevin,
    you can take that "Secret Boss" of your proggress notes and show the name because it's obviously Clyde or The Tresure Lord

  11. No ETA on tonight's post. Waiting on our first meeting of 2012 before I decide what will be posted.

    @ Anonymous (Dec 30th) - Acceptable technology hasn't really been discussed or decided on yet. If I can get away with such over-the-top weapon designs, though, I can assure you I will.

    @ Anonymous (Jan 2nd) - Working on it!

    @ KingAlan - That's no fun! There is still a bit of mystery left there, after all.