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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week #008: How Fortuitous... Part Two

As I promised over the last week, tonight I focused on delivering a "live" preview of the game's first boss realm. This worked out, since I got so wickedly sick over the weekend to do anything but the bare minimum of work I had to get done anyway.

Since this is more or less a continuation of last week, I'd like to shift focus to the discussion of the design of the blog itself and it's features. I've been pretty regularly adding new features as I come up with them. Am I providing the kind of viewing experience that you're looking for? Are there certain features that I may be unintentionally avoiding that would really bring it home for you? Are any of these features unnecessary?

I also want to briefly go over some of the more unique features, just in case you missed them.

- Progress Notes - These in particular have been well-received ever since I started posting them. I imagine most have noticed them, so this is mostly just to drop a reminder or two. At the time of this posting you may have noticed that they're currently all complete. Please remember that these are a representative of my current focus, and not the total progress of HTD. Stay tuned, I'll be putting up new notes soon!

- First! Comment Scoreboard - With how much people love to go for that first post, I thought it was only right to keep score. This has mostly been here since I opened the blog and is pretty much self-explanatory, although I have been considering more tightly defining the rules, such as a comment has to include "first!" to qualify. However, I'd rather encourage productive posting, personally. I may also disqualify anonymous "first!" comments in the future.

- What's Kevin Playing? - A feature that I only added within the last week, this gadget links directly to my own Youtube channel. Only just born through the massive amount of gameplay hours I spent with Sonic Generations, this is about all the channel has at the moment, and since I only have access to video capture for the PC, this may not see much content through the coming holidays as most of the titles I'm looking forward to are console or handheld releases. But just how interesting is this peek into my non-work life?

Don't forget to leave your feedback about what features you like or would like to see, so that I can further tailor this viewing experience to bring you just what you're looking for!

Also, anyone interested in contributing to the second Community Impact Poll - which will mirror the first, focusing this time on the initial hairstyles for the human male player character - should start considering your suggestions. Don't post anything yet, but preparation for this poll will probably kick off within the next week or two.


  1. @ Gon - Holy crap that was fast... Literally within the same minute as the post being made! How did you...

  2. If I reavealed my divine powers wouldn't be fun would it? =P damn thought all those "select profile" and confirmation codes to see if I'm not a bot would make the post fail to be 1st =P

  3. Now to the actual post lol And "no" I do "not" time travel =P

    Loved the way you displayed the newly done grounds! Too bad its already sold wich means... We'll have to take it by force!

    Progress notes: they are one of the most important part of this blog, it shows progress, wich to us, players that are just waiting, is great to see things moving. Kick out some more post-its even if with the bars empty =P

    The fist comment scoreboard well... I'm more of a productive post person so... but while it is here... =P (dunno if I make my opinion clear lol)

    The vids: Even tho I only took a look at the fist was great to take a look at an actual gameplay of that game. I've seen some publicity and ofc played a *bad word censured =P* load of old sonics in game gear, mega drive, ... (hope people that read this still know what these are lol) realy liked it

    Things that I think can be added, hm... eventually more polls. They make stuff look more interactive. Maybe for some random stuff like... PETS!!! =P (you know I had to)

    And more post-its =P like "zooming out" on the progress untill the ones BEFORE the actual game progress =P

  4. Love the "live" preview. Glad to see the world will be dynamic around us(even if on a loop). Will cut the monotony out of lengthy maps and give us something to catch our eye as it sparkles in the corner of the screen. :)

    Always loved the post its. And love that you stylized it instead of just putting bars up. Anyway to make it so we can shift the post its to fully see both notes without losing the cool stacked art piece of it? If not, totally cool, still an awesome part of the blog.

    And as for the firsts, well... it might be fun, but hopefully it doesn't get out of hand like firsts have on the main blog. Depressing to open the comments and read twenty "Am I this number post?" without any actual content. But since none of that has happened on your blog, hey, we might get lucky. :P

  5. @ Sly Kamaui - It'll be a bit more dynamic in-game. I know we talked about having them generate randomly, but for this preview I just placed them myself quick (my Flash coding knowledge stops at creating working buttons, and even that can sometimes be a swing and a miss).

    @ Gon and Sly - In regards to a more interactive post-it experience, I can see what I can do, as long as getting it working doesn't turn into too huge of a time sink. If I recall, drag-and-drop functionality isn't all too taxing.

    You just want to see what spoilers you can find on that concealed note and a half, is that it?

  6. I like the progress notes and first! scoreboard (Even though time zones make it impossible for me to get on it :/), but the pools and the fun things like the picture at the top of this post are the best things about this blog IMO
    I still have to check out your YouTube channel :D

  7. "You just want to see what spoilers you can find on that concealed note and a half, is that it?" I'd say keep the hidden hidden, but give us more post-its. (if you show all content there won't be any surprises (or less) for the game) ;)

    @jespoke yeah here the time of the release is usually insane also =S I only went for this one cause I went to sleep at 5AM yesterday =P

  8. Yeah, I want to know what exactly is on those bottom post its so that I don't have to make a shot in the dark to guess what it is. :P

  9. yo,kevin do you work on all days or just on tuesdays like sam and dan?

  10. @ jespoke - I think since I'm generally monitoring comments all night after a post, that time zone wouldn't matter. As soon as I see them they go up.

    @ Sly Kamaui - I apparently succeeded at getting you to want JUST THAT, then. >:D

    @ Anonymous (12:59 PM) - Just because those are the only days you hear from us doesn't mean those are the only days we work.

    I'd say I personally work four or five days a week, but it really varies. I was pretty sick for the last five days or so so I'm pretty behind at the moment.

  11. I really love the art! Reminds me of DragonFable, just better! I don't know who decides how the map should look like, but i really would love to see a map with a waterfall and a river. and like stones pointing out of the waterfall that you could walk on. Just like Tarzan! Keep it Up

  12. I saw that property once, thought it was nice enough and had plenty of space for a small party and the fact that Sky was across the road was nice too. The furnishing was a bit out of choice and the cleanup service wasn't very chatty, just came in, swept up some enemies I had to get rid of, not even a hello! But I decided that it didn't have the view that I so desperately wanted so I didn't go for it. There are many other spot for a Dragonborn of my character and though it sounded like a great place first, I realized that it just wasn't me.