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Monday, November 28, 2011

Week #010: Get Out of My House

Out-of-Character Blog Post:

Between recovering from the holiday weekend and my focus mostly resting on the looming CIP#002, this will be a quiet viewing week. Be sure to submit your ideas for human male hairstyles if you haven't already, as I plan to start organizing them soon in preparation for the poll launching next week.

In-Character Blog Post:

Once the Treasure Lord moved his family in to their new place, he promptly requested that we get the hell out. Unfortunately, that marks the end of our coverage of the Fortuitous Cave's main chambers. Further viewing must be aided by skillful wielding of weaponry and the elements alike... and I'm just not touching that one.

The entrance to the Fortuitous Cave's main chambers.
We're not sure how we feel about the Treasure Lord's taste
in decor, but such freedom did come with the lease...


  1. First? Actual comment to follow :P

  2. Already posted my suggestions on hairs ;)

    Keep it up!

  3. I am really liking the artwork. Looks like this will be a very cleanly styled game. :)

    And I am quite interested in what sort of a creature that skull might've come from. :)

    Can't wait for the release.

  4. @Sly I'm more curious how the skull got there =P

    ps: as promissed I gave the 1st this week ;)

  5. Can you come and teach me how to draw like that???

  6. @Gon- Haha well, I have my theories. :P

    @Crazy Italian Detective- Not to take away your win, but believe me, he did. Gon has a power over time that none of us can posses. ;)

  7. @others And i have the power of always being late...
    Do you guys know about how some people have the ashes of their deceased loved ones in their house? If the Treasure Lord is a dragon, maybe the skull is an equivalent of that ;)
    Or its just a trophy or maybe a plastic decoration :P

  8. "What is the big skull quiz!"

    A. Treasure Lord's father's skull
    B. Treasure Lord's former Arc-nemesis' skull
    C. A plastic decoration
    D. The Treasure Lord is a part-time Rock-carving artist
    E. An Enormous spoiler

  9. Hairstyle ideas (sorry for the laziness, but im just gonna give you character names and hope you know wtf im talking bout lol)

    Teen Gohan (my personal fave)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! (jk)
    Ash Ketchum
    Super Saiyan lol

  10. I think the skull looks like uhhhhhh


    Wht do you think???


    p.s. i am not bugfinder on your blog because there is no bugs lol

  11. Hey Kevin,
    if I wanted to show u sum pics where would be the best spot to upload them to?