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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week #009: Rebirth

Many viewers have questioned the status of the human male player characters, since my focus has been on the females for so long now. There has been a good reason for this, and since my focus is about to shift back onto the males, I thought it was time to talk about it.

When I first started working on HTD, the first assets I worked on was the human male player character. After completing the melee attack assets, I moved on to the creation of the Fortuituous Cave and it's inhabitants, the treasure whelps and the Treasure Lord himself.

Once these were in development, however, I began to feel that the human male assets were rather lackluster. The quality wasn't at all consistent with the work I had done since. Additionally, the human males just simply weren't built for some of the functionality we had planned (as you'll see below, they only had four slots of armor, as opposed to the six that was being planned for).

Insisting that I could do better, but agreeing that it wasn't in the best interest of time to revisit them for revisions just yet, I moved on... to the human female player character.

While still moving forward, I was still able to display just how much room for improvement we had with the player characters. As you can see, the human female is not only much more smooth and polished, but much more complicated than the human male was.

Comparison of the two idle stances, broken down into all of their components.
Now that the females are beyond caught up, as I take a little break with some stage and creature creation, I prepare to gear up to give the human males their deserved rebirth.

Don't you realize what this means!?

Community Impact Poll #002:
Human Male Hairstyles

Oh. Snap. That's right, it's time for CIP number two. Mirroring the first, this will decide on the initially added hairstyles for the human male player characters in HTD. But first, we need some entrants. That's where you come in! Just as before, leave your suggestions and ideas for hairstyles right here in the comments. I'll be accepting entrants for the next two weeks. Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to leave a design suggestion:

  1. These hairstyles should match the character of a human male. More savage designs should be reserved for more savage races, more elegant designs should be reserved for more elegant races, etc.
  2. Your suggestions can be in any form, from a vague idea ("What about spikes?") to a specific character ("How about Arthas' hairstyle?") to something you drew yourself! All styles will be redrawn by myself for voting, and source material won't be deliberately held as an advantage or disadvantage.
  3. Submissions will be gathered over the next two weeks, leading up to the opening of the polls, on December 5th.
  4. The entrants of the poll will be included in Hero Tower Defense, starting with the winner at the initial launch. Second and third place will be quick to follow, and further runner-ups may be included in the near future.
  5. Have fun or you're disqualified. :D
Once again, we're looking forward to seeing what kind of ideas the community comes up with!


  1. 1st? Time travel for the win =P or not? lol

    You making the boss now? woot =D

    Btw this week I'm getting closer to new cooler pets =P


  3. @Kevin - Same minute again =P Worry not I'll let someone hit it next week ;)

    There are some diferences between genders and that only means (what I told you one of the first times we spoke) you are getting better and better, and still much to come young padawan! ahahah XP

    OMG "human male/female construction" nameless? That's not like you is it? =P

    Just curious what time is it there? Can't be asked for hairs right now but I'll toss something tomorrow or so ;)

  4. @ Gon - It was 12:12 AM when I made the post. I'm Eastern Standard, along with Sam and Dan.

  5. Finally! I have been refreshing the page since about 7 Pacific Standard just to find that I lose to Gon again. :P

    Not only am I glad you finally getting to Male characters, but I am also glad that the "learning through the female character" also made the female character look very good. Good job. :)

    Hair... hmmm... What about spikes? :P Just kidding. I like Qui Gon Jinn's hair. :)

  6. /Gon looks at the answer
    /Gon looks at the question
    /Gon loops beetween the 1st 2 processes...
    /Gon autofacepalms

    off to sleep (lol) (GMT here, sounds less worse said like this lol)

    ps: feel free to comment the rest lol

  7. A simple buzz cut, or a mohawk...

    Does this also include facial hair, or will this be too small?

  8. @ Sly - Ahaha, sorry, it took me longer than expected to get everything together for the post.

    @ Anonymous (3:00AM) - I am not sure if we plan to include facial hair (or other features) as separate choices or included in the hairstyles. I'll check with Sam and Dan about this and post an amendment, or make a note in next week's post.

  9. first of all, what is name/url? i'm tired of being annonomous can you help? Ohh i would like brown hair like
    /\/\/\/\ sort of like mine.

  10. Hairstyle should be an afro

  11. I would really like the hair of a particular hero in HTD :D

  12. is the female going to wear a helmet? Do you make new hair for that?

  13. Hello Kevin!
    There is something I want to ask...
    I have recently set up a blog page and I need some progress bars to go with it, the ones ATM are boring, how did you get yours? Could you let me know please?
    Ty in advance.

  14. I like the hairstyle that is on jespoke's profile pic and if you ever have played adventure quest worlds I also like artix's hairstyle and I would also like the hairstyle shyeye

  15. @ jespoke - Shall we name the style "PREPARE YOURSELF" or "NO SYMPATHY"?

    @ Joel Otero - The hairstyles come in either one or two pieces. In the case of the example, the head part of the style and then the tail part of the style. The head part is exclusive with helms... only one or the other will show (based on player preference). But the "tails" will display at all times, with or without a helm.

    @ Crazy Italian Detective - I just threw them together myself. They're not dynamic, meaning I have to update them manually myself like every nightish or whenever I get a nice chunk of work done, but that isn't a very time-consuming process (they are, after all, only scribbles).

  16. @ Cid (Crazy Italian Detective, see what I did there?) - Oh, I just uploaded the image to my own space and created a picture gadget with it. I can just upload updates to my own space and it updates automatically.

  17. hairstyle 1:

    Hairstyle 2: a fiew strings on the front and the rest all pulled behind and caught on the back (dunno if it won't be dogdy to make it not girly tho)

    Hairstyle 3: pending, not short but not to long, maybe shorter then the image but L's shows the idea well

    Hairstyle 4: since its human race why not the hair going to the right with the (dunno the name for it in english so...) "line" on the left side

    Hairstyle 5: or just short with the front part goin up

    Also thought on a wolverine like but there are some other races that would be cooler, I think

  18. I agree with the jespoke hair, but can we also have one like this???

    I know it might be tough to fit in with the helms, but could we try?

  19. @kevin How about "Prepare yourself for no sympathy" :P
    Nah, I like just "No Sympathy" better :)

  20. That's easier than the java script ideas,
    I know a little, but that is over the top!
    Thanks for that, I'll try adding some!

  21. Hey I just found out about HTD and it's very exciting to see a game being made like this. I'd like to join in on helping out with suggestions. So we're doing male hair styles? Like this?

    alright, I'll add a few and see if you guys like them.

    The Kahn

    The Alien

    More serious ones - Ryu from Breath of Fire


    Some random Elf artwork I found

  22. Wow! Awesome work! :D

  23. Great job on the level there, oh I think you should have a male buzzcut, later. (-:

  24. I like these 2:

    But when I create my account, i will probably just take the longest and simplest hair available, like the one Winnetou has
    or the 2nd Gon has posted