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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week #012: An Unwanted Vacation

Due to my ongoing health issues, I haven't been able to get much work done lately, as much as I've wanted to, and decided to take this week off from posting. Ideally, everything will clear up and I'll be able to return to regular, more interesting posts soon.

This post is mostly just to remind everyone to place their votes for CIP#002 if they haven't already. Get your friends involved if you want to! Also, so that those looking for a First! score don't stay up all night punching refresh.

Update: You know, let's fill the space with a question-and-answer session or something. Leave any questions in your comments, and I'll answer them either with my own comments, or all at once in next week's post, along with the CIP#002 winners. Filler sounds better than nothing, yeah?


  1. Hope you get better Kevin! Don't want to see you down with the sickness during the release month of the game you've been working so hard on.

  2. Damn =S Hope you get better soon! I'll try to give some entertainment here ;)

    So, my theory on the dragon skull! =P

    To start you have to admit that the dragonskull room leads right to the final chamber where the eggs/boss/loot is. Here we go:

    That cave was once the lair of one of the most powerfull and fierce dragons in the land. Heroes from all over the world travel there to try to kill it for the insane bounties on it's head.

    One day, one of the rulers of those lands gathered a special mission, to join the forces of the most skilled heroes he could find to make a 6 man party to put and end to that hero slawter.

    7 months past and the special team was finally created, (description of the team with most likely races and classes =P), and after recieving the most generous equipment from their Lords, the 6 heroes started their campain.

    The battle was tremendously intense and one by one started to fall in battle... When suddenly, and with his last breath, the tiny wizard conjured his Ultimate Enlarge Dragon III* that made the dragon so large, that only his head could fit the room, while the rest of the body had grown to the other room.

    In panic and knowing its eggs were to fall into abyss he struggled to blindly pull the eggs back to where they seemed safe. Stuck and with nowhere to moove the dragon gave his mightiest fire breath killing the last remaining hero.

    A body of that size would need to eat and even tho a few unconcient peasents/newbie "heroes" were eaten with a single head swing, the mighty dragon starved to death...

    That cave was sealed for decades... Until an artifact collector thought it would be safe to go and fetch some dead dragon pile of gold... little did he know... he's hatchlings were about to hatch...

    *Ultimate Enlarge Dragon III - Ultimate is the most powerfull level of the spell, that makes it permanent, Enlarge Dragon does what it suggests and the III is related to the amount that the target of the spell grows (yeah all made up for this theory lol)

    ps: WOOOPS forgot to time travel!!! *out of mana* =P

  3. @Gon :O...
    I told myself to not expect, as it would blow my head off, but it still got me like this :O...

  4. Question: Where do your inspiration come from? Everybody has something as an inspiration source. Im quessing DragonFable or Okami?

  5. @jespoke I'll take that as a complement =P

    @WolfieXp The question is to me or to the Lord of this den? =P

    @Kevin You feeling better mate?

  6. I'm a bit new to the HTD updates, so I'm sure that this has already been discussed, but I always thought that it would be cool for there to be some non-human playable characters. If this feature was chosen to be implemented, how would you design them? How much experience do you have designing non-humans, and would you have preferences to certain races?

  7. If we want multiple races, which races were you thinking of adding first? In my opinion, we need another community poll soon. Mayb elves, dwarves, tricksy little hobbitses?


  8. How about you add LIZARD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  9. @Anon 10:22 + ~Grawlithe + Anon 5:40 If it helps, you'll find info (and suggestions on game mechanics like races should be made) on the main blog:
    And yeah from what Dan said, more races will come and as Kevin said, some original and cool will come ;)

    ps: @Kevin - what worries me/us less is that if you are publishing comments and updating the postits you must be alive at least =P

  10. @ Gon - Yeah, I'm here, and recovering (unbearably slowly). I decided it would be better to just answer questions in next week's post.

  11. Oh, k! Take 5 showers for the right atunement =P

  12. @Gon- Yay for Kevin being alive! :)

    @Kevin- I know in two days in Monday so I could wait until then for you to post about how much you have been recovering exactly, but I'm just wishing you speedy recovering over the next few days so that by Monday you may be back to health. Been a lonely week without your and Gon's comment conversation discussing stuff. :P
    Get better. That fate of the world rests in your hands. :)

  13. @Sly - "Y U NO" comment my theory?! =P

    @Kevin - Pls next monday put some nice critic on my insane ideas for people (except jespoke) haven't commented (probably cause its too big to read LOL) *snif snif* eheh

  14. @Gon- I read it. I loved the theory. I just assumed you already knew how awesome it was to need the opinion of us other anonymous folk. :P

  15. @Sly - Oh! I'm flattered =D And ofc I want people's opinion. Imagine some crazy idea gets love from everyone and makes the game even better? =P Its good for all of us ;)