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Monday, December 5, 2011

Week #011: Sick Stylin'

One day, I will make an HTD boss themed around sinuses just so that I and the rest of the world can have an outlet for our rage. He will do nothing but sit there and take it, just as we are forced to do.

Community Impact Poll #002:
Human Male Hairstyles

Another slow week due to sickness, unfortunately. But I still wanted to get the poll up. CIP#002 will remain active until December 22nd, two weeks after the next post on the main blog. Unfortunately we were only able to decide on seven choices as opposed to the nine the female had, but we felt this was enough.

The poll itself is, of course, found off to your right right here on the blog (votes left via comments will not be counted). You only get one vote, so make it count!

Images represent a game currently in development.
It should be noted that with the first release of HTD now rapidly approaching, that my posts may continue to be on the quieter side for the next few weeks. This doesn't mean that work is done; far from it! We just don't want to spoil absolutely everything about the game before you even get a chance to play it.

I will still continue to bring you these weekly blog posts, and they'll be sure to pick back up once the new year is upon us!


  1. I love Warrior of Time. Very Qui Gon meets Elrond feel. :)

  2. Haha sorry Sam, I'm only tied with you so it's not like you are losing. :P
    And even when the day comes that one of the three of us first placers emerges, you will always have me beat in being able to produce such a great game. Now get on it. :P

  3. FIFTH! lucky number!

  4. Vote no Sympathy, it rocks

  5. Wow, No sympathy has double the votes of Shagged swag witch has three times the votes of the 3. place :O

    Yay for my favorites in the lead :D

  6. @Kevin For the sinus idea: I understand what you mean, and agree on the idea

  7. Nice selection of hairstyles.

    I was shocked to see master mage still haven't had any votes, I thought that would be there for sure, then no sympathy, then shagged swag but, guess I was wrong lol

    ps: as a side note, sorry to the people that already know me for not posting more in the previous post but I do not tolerate lacks of respect and childish behaviors. I spoke with Kevin and that will probably be fixed for the future (thanks Kev). Also I was glad to know most people already know me and knew I was keeping my promise and nothing else. Specially Sly, I'm glad you got it this week, you know it was for you that I made that promise don't you? ;) (Since things have become calm again I'll think on MAYBE going for it next week =P). Oh and ofc to the other players like jespoke I wish the best of luck also ;)

    @jespoke I'll make my theory on the skull, that won't probably get into the game but will eventually entertain us till the game is out =P

  8. Haha everyone knows that Shagged Swag is going to be either 1st or 2nd because of the simple awesomeness of the haircut; and No Sympathy as well due to the Street Fighter/Anime-esque of the the style.

    But everyone, vote Warrior of Time. :P I REALLY want that style for my Elven-esque Ranger main character. :)

    @Gon- I was actually surprised though to see how much later you posted, but thanks for the win. You just wanted to have 3 people tied for first so you could shoot out ahead. :P
    And I don't think I will be able to compete for first for the next 4 weeks anyway because I won't be at college, eyes glued to the computer. Instead I will be home, enjoying my break. :P I will post as soon as possible, especially once the game comes out, but I won't be able to stalk the blog as I have been in these 10 weeks. :)


  10. @Gon Lets see what kind of unpredictable, secretly pet-related, theory you've got for us this time ;D

  11. the Master Mage rocks!
    i always like those mage stylez

  12. @Sly - No need to thank ;) I know you wanted to so... And about the delay now you know the reason also, hope you didn't miss me much ahaha =P
    My break will only start at 23rd... oh well...

    @jespoke - I'll make it with drawings if I have time to see if kevin likes my stick figures and remakes it to the game =P

    OH and talking about pets! I GOT A NEW PET! My first SNAKE!!! =D (guess I'll never be to old to be all excited with a new pet ahahah) A Corn Snake =D (can it be a pet ingame Kev? ^^,)

    Oh and about the hairs there will be more (when the time comes ofc) to match the number of females or...

  13. We like no sympathy obviously because of .... the spiky hair

  14. @Gon - The amount will definitely match in-game. I don't know about matching in concept form, though. Especially with hairstyles, it was purely based on community input (I didn't get to add any of my own ideas this time due to how sick I was).

  15. @Gon A snake... cool... :O I have cats that are all over the place and two rabbits that hate me :/

  16. I oficially am your friend now, Sly, Elven Rangers Rule!! (ERR?)I always choose an Elf Hunter/Ranger for my first character!!!
    Also, just wanted to say, kevin, thanks for all the hard work, keep it up man!
    And also, I'm loving the sinus monster concept!
    If I may make a suggestion,
    Good luck, I like Futurama!

  17. @Kevin - =S hope you are 100% now mate =/ But yeah I was asking in amounts like 9 to pick when female human is 9 to pick ;) I know the remaining 2 that you'll put will be all yours and awesome =P

    @jespoke - =D I'm alergic to cats but I do have other animals also ^^,

    @Sly + NinjustsuMaster - Well I have to confess my 1st and main char in WOW, Lineage II and D&D was also an Elf Hunter/archer/ranger. But this is the human hairs =P When we have elves they'll have elven hairstyles? no? =P

  18. my top 3
    1. shagged swag
    2. no sympathy
    3. master mage

  19. @Gon- Well that may cut out my whole Elrond aspect, but still very Qui Gon Jin :P

  20. kevin, can you show us the male- not just in epic armor? I want to see the other armors. Yeah I know that youve got hair styles to work on, but maybe later?

  21. biuecrimson said...

    my top 3
    1. no sympathy
    2. shagged swag
    3. master mage
    December 7, 2011 8:12 AM


  22. @ whatsup123 - You'll get to see more of the male and different armor sets once production has begun. For now, my priorities are elsewhere (read: on what needs to be done for the first release of the game) and there just isn't anything to show yet.

  23. I like No Sympathy and Shagged Swag. Could we have hair styles to choose from for your player, in the game ?

  24. how long for the update?

  25. i like the male hairstyles. how about female hairstyles?

  26. 1. No Sympathy
    2. Silent Protagonist
    3. Master Mage

  27. Anonymous 12/15/11 11:37- We di those a long time ago