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Monday, December 19, 2011

Week #013: Whether You Have Questions or Not, I Have Answers

Another week, and while I'm still not one hundred percent, it's improved enough that I can get back into a regular schedule. I thank everyone who left their best wishes, it's nice to see I've already touched people before the game has even been released!

With less than two weeks left in 2011, I can assure you we're hard at work in order to bring you the first build of HTD before the year ends. We may have had to cut a few corners, but we're still planning on bringing all of that content to the table just within the new year. Let 2012 be known as the Year of HTD!

Last week, in order to make up for the lack of a proper blog post, I invited everyone to let their questions fly, and as promised, I'll take the time to answer them now.

Question: What's with the enormous skull resting in the entrance way? What's the deal with this so-called Treasure Lord? Is Gon even close to being on to something?

Answer: We really don't want to reveal that much about the Treasure Lord and the supposed trophies adorning his lair until we feel that it's time to do so. I, for one, feel that experiencing these encounters for oneself could be much more incredible than simply reading about them. I wouldn't call Gon's theory accurate, but I do think it has potential for future plot lines if he isn't too protective of the idea...

Question: Inspiration, do you speak it?

Answer: I tend to get this question a lot, even from fellow artists that are having trouble finding their own. Unfortunately I haven't come up with a solid answer to it just yet. Inspiration can come in many forms - as I'm sure most artists will tell you - whether it's seeing a movie, listening to music, playing video games or, of course, money. None of these have ever proven to be reliably consistent for me. When it comes to HTD in particular, I've drawn a lot of influence from many Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance games, most frequently (and perhaps most obviously) Chrono Trigger and Fire Emblem.

Question: New races? When? Where? How? You're not going to phone it in with space goats and werewolves, are you?

Answer: Just like the Treasure Lord, I feel like it's simply too soon to talk about the future of the HTD races. We haven't really seriously begun talking about what's next, although, there is a good chance of it being decided through a future Community Impact Poll. As for the candidates, I believe we have agreed that elves and orc are a definite must, but I'm very much against sticking to this fantasy trinity and calling it a day. Not only will the elves and orc likely be unlike any you've ever seen, but I'll be making it my goal to make sure that any additional races are really unique in order to continue setting HTD apart from other games.

I really want to thank everyone again for their support so far. It's pretty incredible to see such support before the game has even been released... I can't wait to see where we are in a month or two!


  1. Time for time travel! My actual post will come when the time comes (again) =P

  2. (and a few moments before the post that will show before this one...)

    Hey Kev! Nice knowing you're getting better ;)

    About the support and the blog posts /DUH!!! Just you put yourself fit! =P We want you to get well but we're not going to deliver homemade soup and stuff! ahahah

    About the cave, MAYBE one day my theory will come ingame ;) (don't worry about using my ideas, I share them so they can be used, OFC I wouldn't mind either to have some credit on it like a featured NPC or my name on the flavor of some legendary equipment or so MUAHAHA =P)

    About the races I'm not in a rush. The ones I want the most are the scaly races and I do want the game to be well developed and your skills to be the best polished it can so we have awesome scaly party members (and PETS!!! lol)

    @Sly - Since I know you'll read this. I have to share with you. My first snake's name is... Sly! =P Dunno if it offends or flatters but It was meant to be either Pipoca (popcorn in portuguese) if it was a female (corn-snake) or Sly (well you know the meaning of Sly =P and it sounds snaky lol) if he was a male. And he's a boy so hope you like'd to know =D

    ps: Python arriving thursday ^^

  3. @Kevin- Glad to hear you are doing better. :) I like the animation posted this week. I stared at the cape for like a minute just mesmerized. :P Only thing for future details whenever you get around to it; I hope you can add some more detail to the eyes to give it a more feminine feel to it. But for now, great work. :)

    @Gon- Congrats at the first. Welcome to the first place podium. And that's awesome. :) SlyKamaui has been residing in my noggin since '06 I believe so I am glad someone else gets to share in the name. :)

  4. Im looking forward to new races (Lets get some killer squids! :P), but i see why you'd want to wait :)

  5. Anti Gon (no offense)December 20, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    AHA GON! I know how you get first. You time travel at the second when Kevin is done with the blog and type in the first comment. SCIENTIFIC DISCLAIMER: TIME MACHINES WEREN'T INVENTED YET.

    HTD will be my best christmas gift :3

  7. @ Anti Gon - I think it's safe to assume that if time machines ever are invented, that someone would have come back and told us by now. Therefore, Gon must be capable of time travel without the assistance of science.

  8. ROTFLOL!!! XD

    @Anti me - LOL for your existence, but the logic flaws are also part of the antagonistic to my powers =P I didn't want to spoil it but I only use science to help common mortals. Things like time traveling I do it by myself. But don't worry humans WILL make a way to travel throw time, and don't want to spoil it BUT... machines will do better in travels to the future then to the past ;) Don't worry your heritage will understand what I said =P

    @Kevin - I know you know, and you know I know what you know I kwow you know! =P Still true

    ps: wanna play (and no, I'm not time traveling for that matter!)

  9. Oh and to clarify the "LOL @ existance" is not at your existence as a person ofc but the existance of the "Anti Gon" lol

  10. I'm going to cry a little when this epic game comes out. :'D

  11. Just to clarify on the time travel matter.
    If someone did come back in time to say that time travel has been created, that would, in turn, alter time itself. Therefore, it would be safer if that person did not travel back in time.

    So Gon, if you repeatedly traveled back in time to post first on this blog, then maybe scientists would discover your power and take you to a base facility in order to discover more about your powers.

    Of course, then you could save yourself by time travelling back and stopping them from finding you. But, then seeing yourself and the problems that have happened to you and stop time traveling altogether.

    Meaning it would be harder for you to post first. A lot harder.

    Watch what you are doing!

  12. @Cid - That awkward moment when you realize you can always travel a back again to fix what you changed that you shouldn't.
    And in the future where they tested me they where about to sacrifice me just for that matter so... had to leave them there in ignorance ;)

    Btw time traveling is indeed fun =P

    *time travel to edit this post lol
    ps: I know I shouldn't have mentioned "the future where (...)" revealing the multiple futures but I've rechecked and the disbelieve is strong enough to be safe posting it ;)

  13. @ Anti Gon
    time traveling is not invented YET so Gon is from the future and he just came back to the present.

  14. @Gon
    can u travel through time,play htd, then tell me if it is worth playing?-WAIT! that was totally stupid! OF COURSE IT IS WORTH PLAYING!!!


  15. @Anon 9:08 AM - Wise person ;)

    @-DTAkillR - I wouldn't say its stupid, but I have to agree its true you don't need time travel to know it will be awesome ;)